Je m'appelle Cate.
J'adore l'art, la musique, la mode, la photographie and speaking French at inappropriate times.
Because I have obsessions with really random things, this blog will probably have zero structure. Just like my life. But there will be plenty of St. Vincent who is my imaginary BFF. I'm an aquarius-pisces cusp and my life path number is 6. Which means I am a crazy schizophrenic mermaid with an addictive personality and zero money. I like cats.

What the fuck

OK so like, I can’t watch Portlandia for awhile now.

Ok Carrie Brownstein wins the best everything award

OK she was pretty fucking hot last night though.

The Lone Tenement by George Bellows, (1909) // All My Stars Aligned by St. Vincent, (2007)

Can’t stop listening to The National. Why didn’t I discover this soulful sound ten years ago? #nowplaying (at I Should Live in Salt • The National)

Jessica Lange by Steven Klein for W Magazine, September 2014

Late Night photographer Lloyd Bishop snapped this incredible portrait of St. Vincent, who sat in with the 8G Band this week!